Our Story

Our Story



The idea for our current lead marketplace originated in 2004 in Berlin-Kreuzberg.
Our founders, Daniel Hoffmann and Axel Lehmann, want to support the digital acquisition for competent advisers. Therefore, they initially founded the
transparent GmbH & Co. KG.



Only a few years later, the transparent GmbH & Co. KG rebrands as finanzen.de AG.
With the launch of an evaluation system, with which prospects

can evaluate the advice received, our company establishes on the market.

Learn more at www.finanzen.de



In November 2011 we acquire the majority of the Finance Circle GmbH.
Founded as "Datensatzbörse" in 1999, this company is the German leading provider
of insurance and financial leads by then.

Shortly after the merger, we launch a new auction database and a mobile app
for our customers.



Within a decade, our company evolves into the German market leader
without external funds.

In April 2013 the French private equity firm BlackFin Capital Partners makes a majority investment in finanzen.de AG in order to promote the internationalisation of our company.

Learn more at www.blackfincp.com



Our goal is clear: We want to expand with our successful German business model and establish ourselves as Europe’s leading marketplace for insurance and financial leads.
In 2013 we enter the French market. In addition to our headquarter in Berlin, we now also have an office in Paris.

Learn more at www.finanzen.fr



In October 2014 we announce a majority participation in the Swiss companies
2media GmbH and toconnect GmbH. The companies have been operating the successful platforms leadtool.ch and kundenakquise.ch since 2008. We say "Grüezi" and are now also present in Zurich.

Learn more at www.2media.ch



Meanwhile, we are expanding our market share in France. In March 2015, we acquire Vilage Conseil, the leading agent for real estate tax exemption in France, thereby consolidating our position as a lead provider on the French market.

Learn more at www.conseil-defiscalisation.fr



In January 2016, we continue to expand and invest in E-Finity Leads, the UK's leading provider for financial leads. The Bristol-based company will continue to be run by its founders, Alain Desmier and Matthew Edwards.

Learn more at www.e-finityleads.co.uk



We are also continuing to pursue our growth in Germany: In March 2017, we take over ComfortPlan GmbH. By integrating the successful online insurance broker into our group, we are strengthening our ability to sell insurances online and benefiting from the synergies with our lead business.

Learn more at www.comfortplan.de



In the same year, we are also continuing to grow in France.
At the end of 2017, we strengthen our market power there through
the acquisition of LeadOptin, the leading provider of leads
in the area of tax exemption.

Learn more at www.leadoptin.com



In spring 2018 our Finanzen Group becomes part of the newly established Insurance Services & Financial Services (“ISFS”) portfolio of Eli Global. The strong global footprint of "Eli" will support the ongoing growth of our business model and our ambitious national and international goals.

Learn more at www.eliglobal.com